Building a Broadcast Production Studio centered around AV Design


The Summary


Location: Singapore Service: Audio-visual Design

Completion Date: January 2022

PTS Singapore helped a client design the AV fit-outs of its in-house Broadcast Production Studio to serve its business requirements and enable recording, production & live-streaming of multimedia event experiences. The project was successfully handed over in January 2022 after an eight-month construction programme.


Design Highlights


Recording & Control Room

The studio is a centralised, enterprise-level broadcast production space made up of a recording space, green room and control room. The isolated control room can run two (2) events simultaneously and accommodate up to three (3) onsite operators.

Chromakey Curtains & Carpets Green Screen

Flexible Background Displays - LED Video Wall, Chromakey Curtains & Carpets A 1.25 mm pitch LED video wall was installed as the studio's back wall, creatively utilised to display virtual backdrops and video content at >4k visual fidelity.

The studio also has the option to deploy mobile chromakey curtains and carpets to create a bust/full-length chroma green screen for insertion of virtual backdrops/effects for chroma key production. The chroma key composition can be configured in advance to allow for multiple pre-set changes to support event scene changes.

Flexible Studio Lighting Design

The studio’s lighting grid includes four poles that are mounted with movable energy-efficient LED (RGB) flood & fresnel lights.

Studio Lighting Grid

On-site operators can toggle with the light settings i.e. dispersion (focused light spot or overall light dispersion), hue, colour temperature and via the DMX controls in the Control Room.

Studio Lighting Design & Settings

Multi-Camera Setup Three 4K cinema-grade cameras were provisioned to enable the production of high-quality video across the studio's high resolution (12G-SDI Matrix Switcher) infrastructure. The cameras are fitted with recorders to allow for individual camera feeds with sources ready to be synced and mixed in post-production.

Studio 4K Multi-Camera Setup

A teleprompter and reinforcement displays were added to the setup to support the presenters to allow them to view remote speakers, scripts and other content during recording.


The design was created with mobility in mind to enable multi-angle capturing and recording at other locations if required.

Audio Visual & Display Provisions

The audio and display monitors were selected based on colour accuracy (display), frequency response (audio) and flexible source routing.

Studio Control Room

The studio lights, monitors, microphones, cameras (floor/wall) are connected to the dedicated AV over IP Network and managed by the onsite operators.

Three AV racks were provisioned to house the broadcast equipment comprising encoders, decoders, recorders, wireless mic system, patch bays, customised PCs and video routers. A wireless intercom system was also installed to allow onsite operators to communicate with others within or outside of the studio.

AV Racks to house Broadcast Equipment
Wireless Intercom Devices


Our Challenges


Resource Crunch: The timeline for the Broadcast & Production Studio build coincided with another big fit-out project for our client. PTS anticipated that resources in the form of manpower, quality and supply chain would be a challenge amidst pandemic restrictions.

  • To address the resource crunch and meet local government social distancing requirements of team segregation, PTS reassessed the project’s resource planning and allocation. The additional resourcing complexities that arose from shifted milestones were successfully managed by PTS and additional resources deployed accordingly as per priority levels and timelines.

Network Security Compliance: Before any device can be connected to the Client’s Network, its behaviour, dedicated workflows and approvals would need to be studied in detail to identify the device’s network type, respective workstreams and dependencies.

  • PTS worked closely with the client to specify right-sized equipment and assessed the network security dependencies for the studio. A dedicated AV over Internet Protocol (IP) Network was designed, specified and executed by PTS outside of the corporate network so bandwidth and security is not compromised.

Corporate Governance & Approval: Each deployable AV space requires approval by the architecture and engineering teams.

  • PTS coordinated the submissions / approvals of relevant documents to the various stakeholders which includes comparison of solutisons against the standards demanded by the architecture and engineering teams based in the European Union. As the ypical process require heavy paperwork and third-party involvement, PTS was instrumental to managing and coordinating the process locally within the country. This approach led to time efficiencies with the architecture and engineering teams.

The final solution that resulted was one that is of quality, aligned with business requirements, delivered within the timeline, and satisfying corporate governance / compliances.

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