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Smart Campus Strategy
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“The exciting part of a Smart Campus Strategy is in imagining the user experiences of the future and articulating the vision. But knowing the route to your destination requires knowing the starting point. Understanding the university’s current estate helps to ground the vision in reality.”

It has had many names and come in many forms. Intelligent Buildings. Digital Transformation. We use the term Smart Campus. Its benefits – considerable and tantalising – are also beginning to be understood by universities. It has tempted many within the marketplace to believe and promote the idea that making it a reality will be straightforward. It won’t be.

Many factors – myriad stakeholder interests, fragmentation of the smart marketplace, the prioritisation of ‘Smart PR’ over feasible solutions – contribute to this complexity. But they are surmountable.

PTS believes that by fully appreciating the nature of these challenges, and taking a measured, informed and independent approach, universities will be able to reap the benefits long-promised by the marketing.


This Smart Campus Strategy brochure aims to show Higher Education Institutions how to do this by following a clearly defined approach, in order to turn the ‘visionary’ into a reality. We guide you through the following questions:-


  • What is a Smart Campus?

  • How will it improve the campus experience?

  • Where is your university on its journey?

  • Who needs to be involved?

  • Why should universities be interested?

  • When do we need to act?


Download the e-brochure for free using the link above. If you would like to discuss your Smart Campus Strategy in further detail, arrange a free workshop with our team who will be happy to help.

The PTS Smart Scale
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“In order to gain perspective and to help both parties to understand these Smart Building tangible benefits and opportunities of a Smart Building, we have developed the PTS Smart Scale.”

For PTS, a smart building is much more than the traditional definition suggests. We understand the whole challenge and redefine Smart Buildings as "optimised environments that improve the daily experience of staff while providing tangible benefits to the business.”

The PTS Smart Scale

The PTS Smart Scale is a tool that we use with our clients to give an immediate indication of the "level" of smart that a developer or tenant can aspire to, based on easily digestible information and scenarios.


This way, clients can easily identify their smart aspirations and desired user experiences; and we can advise them throughout the process to ensure they achieve their desired smart goals.

Below is an overview of the different "levels" of our Smart Scale.

1) Business as usual








  • Building Management System (BMS) with basic controls for lighting, security, Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC) etc.

  • Basic networking equipment with limited functionality enabled

  • Basic network cabling. Focused on landlord mostly back of house areas with limited capacity to expand

2) Differentiator

• BMS with advanced SMART controls for lighting, security, HVAC etc.
• Scalability and resilient and with greater functionality enabled
• Grid cabling solution with scalability

3) Challenger


• An enabling software application that facilitates a Smart Building
• BMS with advanced Smart controls for lighting, security, HVAC etc.
• Scalability and resilient and with greater campus-wide functionality enabled

• Grid cabling solution with campus connectivity

4) Future


• An enabling software application that facilitates Smart ready for metropolitan area
• BMS with advanced Smart controls for lighting, security, HVAC etc.
• Scalability and resilient and with high functionality enabled over metropolitan area
• Grid cabling solutions with campus connectivity

Identify and Scale towards Your Smart Aspirations


We conduct a full audit of our clients' existing landscape and use our Smart Scale to illustrate where they are presently on the scale and where they aspire to be. 


To achieve the highest quality experience, we consider our client's entire user journey and the technology landscape and typically guide them through three main scenario sets: Live, Work, and Play.


Live: Focuses on technology that respects and values your time, allowing maximum efficiency and convenience


Work: Utilises data-enabled technology to create a more productive and empowered workspace.


Play: Technology that supports and enable richer, more fulfilling experiences, enhancing leisure time and creating opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment.


Following the audit exercise, we advise our clients on the smart technologies needed to be integrated to support their requirements and use cases. With this information we are able to provide our clients with immediate indicative Cap Ex, Op Ex and RIO relevant to their unique requirements.

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