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Enable your data centres to do so much more

The demand for computing and seamless connectivity is rising exponentially as the world becomes more connected.

This puts added pressure on data centres to power businesses and drive innovation.
Data centres / colocation projects remains a challenge today as data centres are expected to be efficient, reliable, flexible and scalable to meet rising demand, while minimising their carbon footprint.

Our team can modernise, optimise and design your data centre / colocation infrastructures to excel in these areas. We address key concerns such as energy efficiency, sustainability, reliability, flexibility, scalability, maintenance, cost optimisation and regulatory compliance.

Let us support your data centre / colocation project and help you realise your project's objectives.

Find out more about our services below.
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Strategy - Data Centre - PTS Singapore.j

We can help you determine the right strategy that allows you to consolidate and migrate data safely and securely.


Data Centre 4.jpg

Save on data centre operating costs and technology spend without compromising capability or quality.


Data Centre - PTS.jpg

Reap the benefits of flexible and scalable designs built to last and recover easily from disaster scenarios.


Data Centre - PTS laptop.jpg

Automate and optimise your data centre operations to achieve significant cost-savings.



Cloud services - PTS Singapore.jpg

Migrate your data with our proven risk-based approach that ensures a safe and successful transfer.

Site Selection

& Due Diligence

Data Centre - Site Selection from PTS Si

Our established site selection, procurement and tender processes help you achieve the best solution for your needs.

Technical Project Management

IT Managed Services - PTS Singapore.jpg

Get practical and useful advice from our decades of expertise on data centre project management.

Continuous Operational Improvement

Circuit Board Network Connectivity.jpg

Achieve better energy efficiency and other operational gains by letting us monitor your data centre.

Case Studies
Data Centre.jpg

Cisco and PTS Team Up for Data Centre Needs of Large Philippine Telco Provider

PTS Singapore collaborates with Cisco Systems to open up a pathway to future business growth at a large Philippines‐based telecommunications provider.

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