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Cisco and PTS Team Up for Data Centre Needs of Large Philippine Telecommunications Provider

PTS Singapore collaborates with Cisco Systems to open up a pathway to future business growth at a large Philippines‐based telecommunications provider.

PTS was engaged to work alongside Cisco Systems (Cisco) to provide data centre consultancy services to its client, a large Philippine‐based service provider.

With a focus on innovation and change, the provider's goal is to deliver market-shaping services relevant to the needs of its customers. In the pursuit of this goal, the business is experiencing significant growth in the APAC region and consequently wanted to make sure that its future IT environment could support the continued and projected success of the company.

The Challenge

With three existing regional data centres, all at separate sites, the client realised the importance of developing a next‐generation data centre strategy to support its plans for future growth.

For the different Data Centres, the client wanted a clear picture of the capacity, efficiency, and resiliency of the following areas:

  • IT (Structured Cabling)

  • Mechanical and Electrical

  • Security

  • Operations and Maintenance

Acknowledging the client’s target data centre tier rating, PTS would need to conduct due diligence and a gap analysis assessment of the data centre’s critical systems; and then, make a series of strategic recommendations to help manage growth and establish best practice within the future data centre environment.

The Solution

Cisco Services' data centre expertise and PTS' STARS™ data centre benchmarking and analysis: STARS™ is PTS’ proprietary data centre evaluation platform. STARS™ uses a detailed and intelligent tier-rating system to analyse and benchmark the physical and logical IT infrastructure within data centres.

The review mapped out how each data centre facility rated in relation to the client’s target tier rating and considered what improvements could be made to the infrastructure to reach the target and reduce the risk of any single points of failure.

Capacity management analysis and CFD modelling: Using capacity management analysis and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) thermal modelling techniques, PTS conducted a detailed performance review of the data centre infrastructure and the heat and air flow.

Comparing existing consumption and projected growth, the findings helped PTS to highlight potential limitations of the existing infrastructure and areas for improvement.

Recommendations Report and Strategic Roadmap: Taking the research conducted in the STARS™ review and capacity analysis, PTS collated the intelligence gathered, allowing it to be presented in the form of a roadmap for future growth.

“PTS Consulting has deep expertise regarding data centre facilities, operating experience in our Asia Pacific markets, and highly responsive sales support. PTS was and will continue to be an important element of Cisco's long‐term comprehensive data centre consulting engagement for our client, providing skills and credibility beyond Cisco's areas of core competency and enhancing the value of our offer.” — Brad Banerd, Data Center Practice Lead, North Asia at Cisco Systems


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