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Helping a Japanese Investment Bank Source Its Data Centre Managed Services

PTS Singapore assists an international Japanese investment bank in Hong Kong to source a data centre managed services provider.

The Challenge


With its data centre lease expiring, a Japanese investment bank and one of the largest securities brokerage firms in the world turned to PTS Singapore to help it shorten the selection process for finding a suitable data centre managed services provider.

Having worked together on previous engagements, the client was well aware of PTS’ capability and experience in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly within the data centre market.

PTS was initially asked to assess their service provider options and produce a data centre market intelligence report focusing on availability across the Asia-Pacific region, specifically within Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Following this exercise, PTS was engaged to manage the subsequent stages for the selection of the data centre managed services provider in Hong Kong, which included the request for proposal (RFP) and the best and final offer (BAFO) process.

The Solution


Leveraging existing knowledge of the local data centre market, PTS Singapore established a procurement process, including a request for information (RFI) stage and subsequently shortlisted eight data centre service providers.

The client elected to proceed to the request for proposal (RFP) and best and final offer (BAFO) stages with all of the shortlisted suppliers, continuously managed by the PTS team.

This engagement provided the client with two recommendations of preferred suppliers based on a thorough analysis of availability, technical capability and quality of the data centre facilities and commercial propositions.

The Benefits


Throughout this process, PTS acted as trusted advisors and as a single point of contact to manage and negotiate with all of the suppliers on behalf of the Client. PTS produced all of the auditable documentation, including the RFIs, RFPs and BAFOs, the evaluation matrix and analysis, and the recommendation report and presentation.

The client was able to leverage the vast data centre experience and expertise of PTS combined with PTS’ local knowledge to accelerate the data centre site selection process as well as achieve significant cost-savings.



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