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Go beyond efficiency

Smart Environments

Connecting building systems and technology, we help drive more than efficiency and cost-savings

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The benefits of a smart environment include a proactive space that anticipates and adapts to the people within it. It provides a better daily experience and improves engagement, productivity, and well-being.
We combine our extensive expertise to create smarter, more responsive environments. Through smart solutions, your space can demonstrate a better return on investment through a lower total cost of ownership.

All of our core skills combined

Consulting on smart environment projects for our clients brings together all of our core skills and understanding of how a building can respond and service the needs of the people who work within it.

Our experience in understanding complex business challenges and delivering simple-to-use solutions, allows us to develop and evolve how the relationship between the building and the people within it can be optimised, providing a better daily working experience and tangible benefits to the business.

Our guiding principle is that the working environment is an ecosystem. Our consulting process allows us to work with our clients to understand the unique structure and component parts of their ecosystems. Once we understand the complexity of this ecosystem, we can then translate it into a simple and easy user experience.


We define smart environments as ecosystems that enhance user experience, deliver operational efficiencies, and adapt to a changing landscape.

However, building smart environments take more than just interoperating technologies, buildings and spaces and managing big data. We believe that it also relies on good leadership, vision and sponsorship to focus on maximising its benefits.

Case Studies
Shell Campus.jpg

Shell Tower Gets a Makeover to Foster Its Culture of Collaboration

Shell and PTS refurbish the iconic Shell Tower to stimulate collaboration and communication among its employees.

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