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Optimise the backbone of your business

The performance, capacity, reliability and scalability of your technology infrastructure are critical to your business operation. 

Whether you are looking to build a new technology infrastructure or upgrade your current one, our team is equipped with the relevant industry experience and technical knowledge to assist you - no matter the project's size and complexity.

Ensure your technology infrastructure is well-designed and optimised to meet the challenges of today and futureproofed to accommodate the needs of tomorrow.

Find out more about our services below.


IT Structured
Cabling System

Canva - IT Structured Cabling Design.png

Design and implement effective structured cabling infrastructure that is supported by the right power and cooling requirements.


Canva - Network Architecture.png

Optimise Carefully-designed 
network architecture and configuration for optimised network performance.

Wi-Fi Design & Optimisation

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Wi-Fi solutions to ensure enhanced Wi-Fi coverage, connectivity and security.


A well-designed cable infrastructure can minimise downtime, accommodate new technology and changes.

Engage us to design efficient and sustainable server rooms, implementing a scalable, cost-effective IT structured cabling system for you so you can have a stable and resilient operational platform to meet your unique business needs.

Canva - IT Structured Cabling Design.png


Draw on our network expertise in routing, switching, wireless and VPN technologies and have us design futureproofed networks that are reliable and scalable for your operations.

Enjoy optimised network performance made possible by the implementation of our robust logical network design and right-sized network hardware specifications, from edge to core.

Canva - Network Architecture.png


Enjoy consistent speeds and enhanced Wi-Fi security across all your spaces through our wireless system design for your new deployments, system expansions and technology updates. 

Analyse, predict and determine your network needs through our wi-fi heatmapping services and on-site pre/post installation surveys to ensure area-wide seamless network coverage.

Canva - WiFi Design & Optimisation.png
Case Studies
PTS Singapore - Workplace Design.jpg

Social Media Giant for Professionals Taps PTS for Their Workplace Expansion Projects in Asia

A social media giant for professionals taps PTS Singapore to complete its workplace expansion projects in the APAC region and India.


Alleviated Project Burden and Enhanced Risk Management​​

  • Get additional support and manpower for your short-term projects

  • Have us handle the technical details, procurement, vendor and project management of your project while your team focus on strategic business initiatives

Technical Support and Visualisation

  • Receive right sized technology specifications for the equipment and solutions needed to build your digital infrastructure

  • Get poseable 2D/3D CAD design renders that allow stakeholders to visualise spatial dimensions and aesthetic end results before making purchase decisions 

Fast, Reliable Access to Industry Specialists
Our consultants are
knowledgeable specialists in the industry's best practices as well as the relevant international standards pertaining tIT Structured Cabling Systems, such as:

  • ANSI/TIA-568.0-D: Generic Telecommunications Cabling for Customer Premises

  • ANSI/TIA-568.1-D: Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard

  • ANSI/TIA-568.2-D: Balanced Twisted-Pair Telecommunications Cabling and Components Standard

  • ANSI/TIA-568.3-D: Optical Fiber Cabling and Components Standard

  • ISO/IEC 11801: Information technology 

Our designs are thus well-structured and fully compliant with industry standards and regulatory requirements. 

Save Time and Cost

  • Enjoy an average of 5% to 18% savings in capital costs through our expert procurement negotiations from our open and direct connections with manufacturers / suppliers

  • Future-proof your digital infrastructure by designing it right from the start, to avoid expensive redesigns or upgrades in the future

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