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Our Vision

To be the premier trusted technology partner in APAC, assisting organisations to enhance their technology capabilities and forge their path towards ​digital excellence.

Our Mission

To deliver unparalleled technology consulting in APAC, driving business growth and operational excellence through innovative, client-centric strategies, while contributing positively to societal and environmental landscapes.​

Our Brand

At PTS, we recognise the intricate relationship between People, Technology and Space and understand how the dynamics of technology are intertwined with the needs and aspirations of people within the physical context of space. 

As Technology Strategists and Architects, we strive to elevate the human experience and empower individuals and spaces to realise their full potential through the strategic use of technology.

Our passion for technology drives us to continuously evolve and deliver valuable, practical solutions that enhance efficiency, optimise operations, and drive sustainable growth for businesses amidst a rapidly changing business landscape.

Our Values

Client-Centric Innovation

Championing creativity and tailoring innovative solutions that precisely meet client needs with excellence in service and adaptability.

Integrity & Trust

Upholding uncompromising ethical standards and nurturing honest relationships built on transparency and trust. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Valuing diversity and cultivating an inclusive culture that progresses with the global landscape and enriches our global operations

Sustainable Practices

Committing to environmentally responsible and socially conscious business practices for positive societal impact.​

Collaborative Empathy

Cultivating a culture of ​teamwork and empathy, prioritising the well-being and development of our people, and the nurturing of strong relationships.​

Mission Values
Our Story

Our Story

PTS Singapore started life in 2004 as a subsidiary of our parent office in London. However, we are now an independent member of that original family and proud to be a local Singaporean company.


PTS has evolved with changing technologies and survived global crises in the last 20 years. The source of our strength and resilience? Our standing commitment to giving our clients world-class solutions that meet their needs and aspirations.


Today, we serve clients not just in Singapore, but all over the ASEAN region with the help of our partner offices. And while we work with some of the biggest companies in the world, we assist organisations of all sizes and sectors by introducing and improving ways on how their people can interact with technology better, safer, smarter.


Our team understands the various technologies, people and the cultures in our markets. That’s why we continue to attract great talent and why over 85% of our projects are repeat business from existing clients. We are PTS Singapore.

Our Clients

Our Clients

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