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Enhance collaboration, productivity, and efficiency in your organisation with our people-centric IT, AV, and acoustics designs that are well-aligned with your business' operations and real estate strategies.

Experience the power of people-centered, data-optimized technologies as we design and implement the the right solutions for your end-users, creating a seamless and engaging user experience.

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& Multimedia

Federal Home Loan Banks | PTS Singapore | Audio-Video & Multimedia Services

Make in-person and remote collaboration seamless and more productive.

IT Physical Infrastructure

PTS Singapore | IT Physical Infrastructure Services

Meet the demands of the connected world with a robust IT infrastructure.

IT Networking

& Cyber Security

PTS Singapore | IT Networking & Cyber Security

Ensure your network is secure, resilient, scalable and future-ready.



PTS Singapore | Physical Security

Provide security and meet compliance through unobtrusive designs.



The right audio-visual experience can help engage your staff, foster teamwork and boost productivity. It can even help you attract and retain the best staff and clients. 

We design outstanding AV and multimedia spaces that deliver tangible value to our clients' business. We also ensure that our solutions are easy to operate and maintain. 

PTS Singapore | AV & Multimedia | Designing outstanding AV and multimedia spaces that deliver tangible value


With the demand for network-connected devices and remote work dramatically increasing, the need for a reliable IT infrastructure has never been more critical.

We can design server rooms, data centres and perform a gap analysis on your existing environments. We will also consult with mechanical and electrical engineers to ensure that your IT physical infrastructure is supported by the right power and cooling requirements. 

PTS Singapore | AV & Multimedia | We design server rooms and data centres, and even perform gap analysis



Everything from building management systems to window blinds can now be connected to and controlled through a network. But their smooth operation relies on a correctly designed wired and wireless network that is fast, scalable and secure.

Our Cisco-certified experts can design from scratch, review existing problems and apply industry best practices to meet your business requirements. 

We can also analyse your existing Wi-Fi to identify and resolve dead spots. And to protect your network from threats, we perform penetration tests, vulnerability assessments and firewall reviews.

PTS Singapore | IT Networking & Cyber Security | Our Cisco-certified experts design from scratch and perform threat analysis


A comprehensive security solution considers and employs both electronic and physical measures. 


​Our consultants provide physical and digital security services that cover the whole security lifecycle — from strategy to due diligence, design, implementation and optimisation. 

But what gives our physical security service its unique advantage is our understanding of how it converges with IT and AV. Our clients enjoy a more advanced and comprehensive security solution.

Data Centre Security - PTS Singapore.jpg


  • Concept design

  • Detailed design

  • Tender documentation including tender drawings, schedule of rates, functional specifications

  • Management of requests for proposal

  • Tender interview attendance

  • Site selection & recommendation

  • Award recommendations

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Construction administration

  • Change management

  • Testing and commissioning

  • Defects management

  • Final accounts and closeout

  • Peer review

  • Migrations

  • Service

  • Transitions/transformation

  • Cloud readiness assessment

  • Digital delivery transformation

  • Gap analysis

Case Studies
PTS Singapore - Workplace Design.jpg

Social Media Giant for Professionals Taps PTS for Their Workplace Expansion Projects in Asia

A social media giant for professionals taps PTS Singapore to complete its workplace expansion projects in the APAC region and India.

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