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Location - Cambridge - Activity - Rowing
Location - Cambridge - Activity - Rowing
Leadership Team

Leadership Team


Rico Sim

General Manager

Rico's professional journey has been an intriguing fusion of military and multimedia disciplines, where he garnered in-depth knowledge across a broad spectrum - ranging from Digital Infrastructure and Workplace Technology segments to Sales, Operations and Project Management functions. 

A dynamic and agile leader, Rico excels at problem solving and thrives in pressure-intense, results-oriented environments. A project under Rico's watch is guaranteed to be on-time, on-budget, honouring both the client's requirements and industry standards.

Rico's strategic acumen and strong analytical skills enables him to easily comprehend clients' long-term goals and effectively lead his team to provide high quality designs and trade coordination. He often challenges his team to exceed client expectations while ensuring they have the necessary support to grow and succeed. 

As the General Manager of PTS Singapore, Rico is skilled in strategic planning and growing positive business relationships. He brings his wealth of experience to bear at PTS daily, seamlessly overseeing operations while aligning the company's strategies with the rapid advancements in technology. 


Jonathan Senycia

Director of Operations

Jon is the co-owner of PTS Singapore with the remit of running operations while fronting the Philippines business.

Having amassed 15 years of working experience in Europe and 22 years in Asia, Jon’s professional journey spans an impressive 37 years where he is immersed in various capacities and roles within the ICT realm across multiple sectors - from sales (manufacturer) to consultancy, client and contractor. 

He has in-depth exposure to M&A and VC activities, and strong commercial acumen in contract management. 

He also possesses extensive experience in Data Centres, IT Infrastructure Consultancy and Project Management and is is involved in multiple notable Data Centre projects that dates back to 2005 and continues to the present day.​

During his tenure in Japan, Singapore and the Philippines, Jon has a proven track record in growing and diversifying businesses through strategic planning, the establishment of joint ventures and talent acquisition.

He has an aptitude for overhead automation, financial management and risk control, and places a strong emphasis in quality standards, corporate policies and procedural excellence – all of which have helped elevate the stature of the PTS brand and its overall level of professionalism. 


Jon’s leadership encapsulates a fusion of seasoned experience, technical prowess, and a relentless commitment to delivering value and results that resonates even after a project’s completion.

Workplace Technology Team

Workplace Technology Team


“I'm proud to have a good team of people working alongside me, striving towards the same goal and growing together as a team.

I would 
encourage more women to join this industry with all the interesting challenges and exciting opportunities it offers.

I am passionate about equality and diversity, and it is the responsibility of all to ensure that we enable everyone to fulfil their full potential."

Life in PTS:

Maureen Aw

Workplace Technology Lead

Maureen’s passion for audio-visual, multimedia and acoustics has been fueled by her desire to strive for excellence. Her interest in innovative technology stemmed from her early involvement in events, concerts, broadcast and theatre, which provided her with invaluable technical expertise and hands-on experience.

As the Workplace Technology Practice Lead at PTS, Maureen excels in people management and effectively engages her team to provide exceptional end-to-end professional services, encompassing technology strategy, design, procurement and implementation.
She and her team takes on a holistic view of technology and carefully considers the needs of end-users and the symbiotic relationship between people, technology, and space.

With her expert guidance, clients can confidently navigate the complexities of technology integration to create well-optimised spaces that deliver delightful user experiences.


Driven by a desire to inspire positive change within her field, Maureen took the initiative to establish and co-chair the AVIXA Women’s Council in Singapore. Her remarkable contributions were acknowledged by the industry, and she was awarded the Inavate APAC’s Consultant of the Year in 2022 and inducted into the InAVate – 40 under 40: APAC Class of 2020.


"I am passionate about acoustics. At PTS I help clients by listening to their needs and solving their problems.
Making the science of sound understandable for all gives me great satisfaction, and PTS supports me in achieving this."

Life in PTS:

Hwang Chan
Acoustic Consultant

PTS SG - Jeremy Liao.png

"I endeavour to expand and utilise my knowledge and experience to strive for comprehensive solutions for clients.

Working at PTS grants me the valued opportunity to work together with other like-minded individuals with diverse skillsets as a team towards a unified goal."

Life in PTS:

Jeremy Liao
AV Technology Consultant

"I like the hybrid working approach, autonomy and trust given by PTS.

My role as a Consultant is challenging and exciting because of the constant technological progress.
This produces evolving environments that we must assess and manage."

Life in PTS:

Wai San (1).png

"PTS has given me opportunity for personal and professional growth.Working with various clients and projects have expanded my technical knowledge and soft skills. I look forward to learning from my peers and taking up the challenges ahead."

Life in PTS:

Chan Wai San

Workplace Technology Consultant

Cong Wei_PTS.jpg

“I look forward to tailoring strategic, innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and collaboration.”

Life in PTS:

Chua Cong Wei

Technology Solutions Architect

Digital Infrastructure & Data Centre Team

Eisen Hou

Digital Infrastructure Lead


"At PTS we work hard, work smart and celebrate our successes.I enjoy the flexible work environment and the open camaraderie of our team."

Life in PTS:

Eisen is a Digital Infrastructure Consultant with over a decade of experience in IT Infrastructure Consulting, Design and Project Management among Corporate and Data Centre environments.

A highly conscientious strategic thinker with an eye for details, Eisen approaches each project steadily and methodically, with utmost professionalism and precision.

He is a Certified Data Centre Professional (CDCP®) and Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant (CTDC®) who has worked with many multi-cultural project teams to successfully execute Data Centre and IT infrastructure transformation projects locally and across the APAC region.

Eisen enjoys problem solving and draws satisfaction in delivering added value beyond his specially curated solutions to meet the clients’ exacting requirement.

Under his stewardship, the Digital Infrastructure team has successfully delivered several resilient and flexible digital infrastructure designs that empower organisations to navigate the evolving business challenges efficiently and innovatively.


"I like meeting different people in the IT Industry. Different people bring about varied challenges that drive my personal growth and development as a consultant."

Life in PTS:

Warren Altea

Digital Infrastructure Consultant

Adrian Koh

Digital Infrastructure Consultant


"A great place for new challenges which makes my life more interesting and fulfilling, as overcoming them gives me great satisfaction and purpose."

Life in PTS:


"Working at PTS is a huge step up for me in my career as the nature of my work challenges me to manage and communicate well with multiple stakeholders.

Overall it has been an enriching experience as I am able to work with a diverse range of clients which provides me with ample opportunities to learn and develop my skills."

Life in PTS:

Kennard Chiew

Digital Infrastructure Consultant

"I am grateful for the trust and opportunities PTS has provided me, and enjoy working alongside the fun and hardworking bunch!"

Life in PTS:

PTS SG - Jerry Chan.png

"PTS has provided me with an enriching environment to constantly develop and hone my skills. This growth mindset is essential to provide better solutions for our clients and ensure their expectations are consistently met!"

Life in PTS:

Jerry Chan

Project Executive

DC & Digital Infrastructure Team

Operations Support Team


"I'm thankful for the PTS adopted the hybrid working model. This way I can enjoy my work and the great flexibility it provides me while learning and growing." 

Life in PTS:

Renz Leonor
BIM / CAD Lead

Bernie Brix Alix
BIM / CAD Technician

Bernie Brix Alix_edited.jpg

"I like working in PTS as a BIM/CAD Technician as it provide me with a strong experience in systems like AV, SCS, Security etc, which may help me to grow my knowledge and expertise about these systems."

Life in PTS:

Ops Support Team

Administrative Team


"At PTS its all about teamwork, that makes all of us want to give our best. Working here allows me to manage my time and ensure data is delivered precisely."

Life in PTS:

Manuel Ivan Sotto
Data Analyst

Janice Lee
Head, Business & People Development


“I’m excited to be part of the new leadership team. Together, we will drive a “growth” mindset to deliver a thriving business that leads in the convergence of people, technology and space.”

Life in PTS:

Amsel Paredes
Sales Administrator


"I like working at PTS because of the good leadership and the continued support, and I'm committed to consistently delivering quality work to the best of my abilities."

Life in PTS:

Iris Teong
Digital Marketing Manager


"Every day brings new opportunities and challenges for me to grow & learn. I look forward to working with the teams to deliver the PTS advantage and making our stories come alive." 

Life in PTS:

Administriative Team
Our Accreditations & Certifcations

Our Accreditations and Certifications

Read about our collective accreditations and certifications:

NSmark Gold.png
CDCP Certification.png
CTDC Certification.png

The Cyber Essentials mark is a cybersecurity certification from the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) that recognises organisations that have put in place good cyber hygiene measures to safeguard their systems and operations from common cyber-attacks.

The NS Mark is Singapore's national-level accreditation that recognises businesses with policies and human resource practices that support National Service and Total Defence. The NS Mark (Gold) is awarded to businesses that have demonstrated exemplary support through implementation of policies and HR practices.

The AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification is a globally recognised certification for audiovisual professionals that covers a broad range of topics relating to AV systems, including design, installation, opreation, troubleshooting and management.


The Certified Data Centre Professional (CDCP) is a globally recognised credential that validates one's knowledge and expertise in the design, implementation and management of a data centre. It covers a range of topics relating to data center design, including power and cooling, security, network infrastructure, and disaster recovery.

The Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant (CTDC) certification is a credential that validates an one's knowledge and expertise in the design and implementation of data center infrastructure that adheres to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TIA-942 standard. The TIA-942 standard defines the minimum requirements for data center design, including cabling, pathways, spaces, and other infrastructure elements.


PTS Singapore is an advocate of the AI Ethics and Governance Movement Pledge and a proud supporter of the national AI Ethics Movement initiated by the Singapore Computer Society and the Infocomm Media Authority of Singapore. Its aim is to shape a healthy, robust and trustworthy AI landscape to enable Singapore's goal of becoming a global hub for developing and deploying AI solutions.

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