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Location - Cambridge - Activity - Rowing
Location - Cambridge - Activity - Rowing

Our People

Professional. Talented. Service-oriented.
Explore the Teams behind PTS Singapore

Leadership Team


Tom is the Managing Director of PTS Singapore with twenty over years of experience in consulting, project management and technical design. 

A seasoned, autonomous and pragmatic IT professional with a broad technical background, Tom has worked in a diverse range of industries and possesses deep experience in managing project teams, staff, vendors and clients.

One of Tom's key goals is strategic growth and excellence.
He champions innovation and plays a key role in the development of new value-adding service lines . He is also adept at growing relationships with industry leaders and new/existing clients. 

Tom Miu

Managing Director


Jonathan Senycia

Director of Operations

Jon is the co-owner of PTS Singapore with the remit of running operations and also fronting the Philippines business.

Having worked 15 years in Europe and 22 years in Asia, Jon has accumulated 37 over years of ICT-related experience across multiple sectors and stakeholder roles - from sales (manufacturer) to consultancy, client and contractor. 

Jon has extensive experience in Data Centres, IT Infrastructure Consultancy and Project Management. He is involved with multiple Data Centre projects from 2005 to the present day.

During his time in Japan, Singapore and the Philippines, Jon has been successful in growing and diversifying businesses via talent acquisition, joint ventures and strategic planning, with a focus on overhead automation, finance and risk control.

Jon believes in quality standards and the importance of corporate policies and procedures which has helped lift the bar of the PTS brand and level of professionalism.

Leadership Team

Kim Lau

Senior Consultant,
Business Development

Kim was a pioneer in audiovisual education in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, responsible for educating many of the leading AV professionals in Singapore today.  Prior to joining PTS, he served as an Associate Professor in the School of Cultural Technology at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University where he embraced China’s drive of immersive technology in academics and championed transmedia applications using immersive and xR technology. 


Beyond audiovisual education, Kim has a wealth of technical experience as a systems architect in pro-audio product design and an audio software and firmware engineer. 

He brings 20 over years of creative technology experience to help clients and partners transform their workspace experience to address the dynamic challenges and needs of hybrid working to attract and retain the best talent. 

He is passionate about Ethnography, AV engineering, education, production and creative arts which gives him unique perspectives that would help push workspace technologies to the next level. 

Workplace Technology Team

Workplace Technology Team


“I'm proud to have a good team of people working alongside me, striving towards the same goal and growing together as a team.

I would 
encourage more women to join this industry with all the interesting challenges and exciting opportunities it offers.

I am passionate about equality and diversity, and it is the responsibility of all to ensure that we enable everyone to fulfil their full potential."

Life in PTS:

Maureen Aw

Workplace Technology Lead

Maureen's passion for audio-visual, multimedia and acoustics has been fueled by her desire to strive for excellence through her many years of experience as a mature and highly experienced design consultant.

With a technical and hands-on background in events, concerts, tours, theatre and broadcast, Maureen brings her passion, knowledge, skillset and experience in every project.


As the Workplace Technology Lead, Maureen leads by example throughout the full project life cycle. She considers people, technology and space to bring about a user-focused experience to her clients. 

Her recent work with leading workplace strategists provided valuable insights on how technology underpins hybrid working in the pandemic age. She is co-chair of Singapore's AVIXA Women's Council and was recognised by trade publication, Inavate's 40 under 40: APAC Class of 2020.

Jimmo Petisme 

Workplace Technology Consultant


"I enjoy the autonomy and flexibility at PTS as well as the opportunity to work with different clients on different projects. This always bring about new perspectives and refreshing experiences to my career."

Life in PTS:


"I enjoy designing innovative and resilient networks and look forward to delivering the exciting new services plus the value it would bring our clients."

Life in PTS:

Francis Perez

Smart Networks & Cyber Security Consultant


"I am passionate about acoustics. At PTS I help clients by listening to their needs and solving their problems.
Making the science of sound understandable for all gives me great satisfaction, and PTS supports me in achieving this."

Life in PTS:

Hwang Chan
Acoustic Consultant


"Technology does not start and end with hardware and software as there is no one- size-fit-all design.

Consulting at PTS enables me to be creative in my designs to deliver solutions that meet our client's requirements and solve their pain points."

Life in PTS:

Aldon Chua 

Workplace Technology Consultant


"I'm thankful for the PTS adopted the hybrid working model. This way I can enjoy my work and the great flexibility it provides me while learning and growing."

Life in PTS:

Renz Leonor 

Workplace Technology Consultant


"PTS is a great place for me to grow as my role allow me to meet different people from various industries. Our projects are always interesting, and I'm always challenged and learning something new!"

Life in PTS:

Zack Chiong

Workplace Technology Consultant

Chong Soon.jpg

"I like the hybrid working approach, autonomy and trust given by PTS.

My role as a Consultant is challenging and exciting because of the constant technological progress.
This produces evolving environments that we must assess and manage."

Life in PTS:

You Chong Soon
Workplace Technology Consultant

Data Centres & Digital Infrastructure Team

Rico Sim

Digital Infrastructure
Practice Lead

As the Digital Infrastructure Practice Lead, Rico is a seasoned, well-rounded consultant with a wealth of experience across a broad range of disciplines.


Serving as a Regimental Sergeant Major (NS) in the Singapore Armed Forces, Rico is highly-disciplined and adept in working under pressure and delivering projects on time and target as per clients' expectations.

A dynamic and energetic team player by nature with strong interpersonal and analytical skills, Rico often challenges his team to grow and succeed.

Under his stewardship, his team has successfully delivered several resilient and flexible digital infrastructure designs that are focused on the strategic long-term goals of the clients.


"Being a Consultant gives me great satisfaction as we are able to help our clients achieve their business goals."

Life in PTS:

Noel Almacen
Digital Infrastructure Consultant


"PTS challenges me to do the best, and I am motivated to work hard to make things happen."

Life in PTS:


"I like meeting different people in the IT Industry. Different people bring about varied challenges that drive my personal growth and development as a consultant."

Life in PTS:

Warren Altea

Digital Infrastructure Consultant


"At PTS we work hard, work smart and celebrate our successes.I enjoy the flexible work environment and the open camaraderie of our team."

Life in PTS:

Eisen Hou
Digital Infrastructure Consultant

Adrian Koh

Digital Infrastructure Consultant


"A great place for new challenges which makes my life more interesting and fulfilling, as overcoming them gives me great satisfaction and purpose."

Life in PTS:

Bernie Brix Alix

"I like working in PTS as a BIM/CAD Technician as it provide me with a strong experience in systems like AV, SCS, Security etc, which may help me to grow my knowledge and expertise about these systems."

Life in PTS:

Bernie Brix Alix

BIM / CAD Technician

DC & Digital Infrastructure Team

Sales Admin & Marketing Team

Iris Teong

"Every day brings new opportunities and challenges for me to grow & learn. I look forward to working with the teams to deliver the PTS advantage and making our stories come alive." 

Life in PTS:

Iris Teong
Digital Marketing Manager

Amsel Paredes
Sales Administrator

Baby Amsel Paredes

"I like working at PTS because of the good leadership and the continued support, and I'm committed to consistently delivering quality work to the best of my abilities."

Life in PTS:

Sales Admin& Maketng
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