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Tested approach. Proven results.

To ensure that we meet our clients' needs, budgets and deadlines, we follow an ISO12006-certified approach to doing our work with certainty and consistency. 

We take our clients through every step of the process and clearly communicate all they need to know about the project's development. Our expert advice may challenge the client’s initial ideas, but is always geared towards their goals.

Preparation & Briefing


We review your project documentation, local standards and functional needs, including wellness, sustainability and more. Then, we meet with appointed stakeholders to better understand your priorities and for us to produce a technology brief that covers your requirements and budget.

Tasks Overview

  • Review all available information

  • Produce requirements

  • Document requirements

  • Get requirements approved

Example Deliverables

  • Site survey

  • Workshop attendance

  • Initial Technology brief



Concept Design
We design preliminary infrastructure plans, endpoint plans and elevations. Then, we schedule a design review or workshop with all stakeholders to validate that the plans meet your standards and needs.

Tasks Overview

  • Assess if any existing systems are suitable for reuse.

  • Design preliminary infrastructure and endpoint plans

  • Produce preliminary bills of materials for budget purposes

  • Conduct product demos and selection

Example Deliverables

  • Preliminary infrastructure plan and elevation drawings

  • Preliminary budget

  • High-level schedule

  • Concept design report

  • Design coordination attendance

  • Change champion engagement attendance

Engineering Design


We coordinate spatial and aesthetic endpoints with you and with other consultants, and develop plans with key engineering details. At this point, we also create a procurement plan and schedule, as well as provide automation workflows.

Tasks Overview

  • Validate engineering details with other consultants

  • Confirm if you have any preferred products or brands

  • Establish vendor sustainability criteria

  • Create UI/UX automation workflows

  • Create advisories to coordinate with other services

Example Deliverables

  • Developed plans and elevations, including key engineering details

  • Schematic drawings

  • Preliminary tender docs

  • Pre-qual vendor list

  • Design coordination attendance

  • Change champion engagement attendance

Tender Documentation & Tender Period


We provide a list of suitably qualified and certified contractors and prepare technical and functional specifications. At this stage, all design information needed to construct the project is completed, approved and issued for bidding. 

Tasks Overview

  • Respond to technical queries from tenderers

  • Evaluate the tender responses and ensure technical compliance

  • Attend post-bid tender interviews where required

Example Deliverables

  • System request for proposal

  • System tender drawing set

  • System schedule of works

  • Outline specifications

  • Project schedule

  • Statement of compliance

  • RFP inquiry form

  • Requests for information

  • Tender returns analysis –technical and commercial

  • Tender interview attendance

  • Post-tender queries

  • Value engineering

  • Vendor recommendation report

  • Change champion

  • Engagement attendance



Here, the supply, installation, testing and commissioning processes are completed. We monitor onsite to see that all materials and works comply with the approved designs and schedules.

Tasks Overview

Example Deliverables

  • Respond to RFIs from the construction team

  • Review and approve the contractors’ submitted drawings prior to commencement of works

  • Inspections of ongoing installation works at site

  • Awarded vendor knowledge transfer

  • Onsite inspections and design coordination

  • Regular site inspection report

  • Technology shop drawing review

  • Change control

  • Progress certification



We hand the system over, attend the onsite commissioning and witness the testing of completed installations. Then, our defects liability period begins as well as our aftercare support where we re-check everything to make sure that the project's goals and your expectations have been met.

Tasks Overview

  • Revisit installations to ensure defects and snags have been rectified prior to occupation or at times acceptable to the client after occupation

  • Review and approve O&M manuals and as-built drawings

Example Deliverables

  • Review of defects rectification report

  • Review and approve submitted commissioning reports

  • Testing and commissioning attendance

  • Review as-built drawings, O&M manuals, and warranties

  • Change champion engagement attendance

  • Review and approve training plans

  • Confirmation of Practical Completion

  • Final accounts


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