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Elevate your IT Operations with our expertly-managed IT services

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to rapidly adopt technology solutions to keep up with the demands of remote work and digital transformation, thereby accelerating IT adoption and digital transformation (DX) as much as seven years [1]. 

While this has allowed companies to stay operational, t
his surge of rushed IT initiatives has left many businesses vulnerable. According to research:
  • The risk of DX failures ranges from 70% to 95%  [2[
  • There has been a global increase in nearly all types of cyber attacks, driven primarily by the unprecedented increase in remote work [3[
  • 74% of technologists report that DX projects which would typically take more than a year to be approved, have been signed off in a matter of weeks; 
    71% report that DX projects were implemented within weeks as compared to months or years pre-pandemic
    59% admitted that they were fire-fighting and introduced short-term fixes to technology issues;
    76% expressed concerns about the longer term impact of DX initiatives they had to rush through
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At PTS, we recognise the crucial role technology play and the challenges businesses face in a rapidly changing IT environment. 

As your trusted technology partner and managed service provider (MSP), we take a holistic approach and ensure your business' IT is robust and well-run.

With our Managed IT services, you can focus on running your business while we ensure your IT systems are secure, reliable, and always up-to-date. Leave your IT hassles to us and let us manage your IT operations today

Find out more about our services below.


IT Helpdesk

IT Helpdesk

Get fast, reliable IT support 24/7 to ensure your business remains productive and IT trouble-free.

Infrastructure & Networks

Managed IT Service

Outsource the management, maintenance and monitoring of your IT infrastructure and networks.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Scale your cloud computing capacity or have us migrate and manage your cloud with our cloud services.

IT Procurement

IT Procurement

Leverage on our IT expertise and let us procure the right IT solutions for your business needs. 

IT Helpdesk


IT helpdesk is the operational daily 1st line of support which keeps your business moving forward.

Often it’s the simplest of issues which hinders your productivity, an efficient helpdesk ensures your business remains productive and trouble free.

IT Helpdesk.png

24/7 Helpdesk through phone, email and other digital channels

IT Helpdesk.png
IT Helpdesk.png
IT Helpdesk.png
IT Helpdesk.png


Your network and underlying infrastructure are the backbone of your business, security, reliability, performance and capacity for growth is critical. Technology infrastructure is the foundation upon which the rest of your business runs.

Managed IT Service
Infrastructure & Networks
Cloud Computing
IT Procurement


IT procurement can be a headache for any department, everything from BAU procurement of end user technology through to ore complex project related IT procurement as well as licence and warranty management. Let PTS take the headache away from your administration and provide professional sourcing to your business.

IT Procurement

Dedicated IT procurement professional solutions

Software license and hardware warranty management services


Whether already in the cloud fully or partially there is little doubt that more and more companies are taking advantage of the numerous benefits of cloud computing. We are there to help you develop and deliver your roadmap to the cloud.

Cloud Computing
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Alleviated IT Burden and Enhanced Risk Management

​Access to:​​

  • Expertly-managed IT operations, maintenance and monitoring 

  • Regular IT and Security Updates and Patching 

  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Planning

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

  • Enhanced, streamlined IT processes and workflows

  • Configure, deploy, scale correctly while keeping up to pace with evolving IT

  • Faster response time where IT issues are resolved promptly

Focus on Core Business

  • Spend less time on IT issues and minimise downtime

  • Increased focus on strategic business initiatives 

Fast, Reliable Access to IT Expertise and Support

  • Relieve the need to hire full-time IT personnel to modernise

  • Access to IT experts that are knowledgeable in the best practices and latest technologies

Cost Savings and Predictable IT Budgets

  • Enjoy fixed monthly IT service fees or pay for what you use

  • Avoid costly downtime and data loss

Specially Tailored and Scalable Service Plans

  • Services tailored to your unique needs and budget, as per the level of support you require 

  • Scalable IT plans as your business grows

Case Studies

Achieving Privacy and Transparency in a Multi-use Room

When a room’s transparent glass walls make teleconferencing difficult but work well for when the space serves as a workstation for guests, what’s an office to do?

How can we help?

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