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Meet PTS Singapore 

PTS Consulting (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. has been driving technology innovation as an experience-led technology design consultancy since 2004.


Our expertise spans multiple disciplines, allowing us to take a holistic view of technology and effectively articulate and realise the technology vision of our clients.

We bring fresh ideas to every engagement, champion bold ideas, independent thinking and co-innovate with our trusted partners to deliver engaging digital experiences underpinned by data and technology.

With this balance, we are able to expertly execute our designs and seamlessly integrate different technologies to create well-optimised spaces that delight.

We are PTS and we strategise and sit at the convergence of People, Technology and Space.

Abt Us

What makes us unique


Independent &

We offer standard rates and independent advice, free from product affiliations.

We make nothing from specifying products, and do not have any financial arrangements with any manufacturers or brands.

We take pride in being clear, pro-active and diplomatic communicators,.

We are focused on guiding our clients through the intricate process of their technology refresh and transformations during their relocations and renovations.


Multi-disciplinary and Communication focused

Our expertise spans multiple technology disciplines across several industries, thereby strengthening our value to our clients.

The complexity associated with managing multiple contracts and points of contact are thus  reduced, and client engagements are streamlined and simplified.


Professionalism and Pedigree


We are our clients’ port-of-call
for technology.

Our extensive experience enables us to design adaptive, tailored solutions that are:

  • People and Technology-focused

  • High Quality and Resilient

  • Flexible and Scalable

  • Aligned with Global Design
    Standards and Industry’s Best Practices

  • Future-ready for technology advancements and evolving
    business needs


Optimised Value and Delivery

We understand that
time is money and employ robust governance and proven methodologies to seamlessly coordinate with our clients, mitigating risks and ensuring efficient project management.

We strive to provide tangible, added value
and our well-established global partner network enables us to achieve
on-time project delivery consistently, both locally or on a global scale.


Supply Chain and Procurement Support

Our direct connections with manufacturers and network infrastructure companies allow us to:

  • Obtain timely supply chain information to minimise lead time risks.

  • Activate alternate vendor and escalation lines when needed to prevent project delays.

We typically help them save an average of 5% to 18% in capital costs during procurement negotiations – meaning our clients engage our expertise for free!

Our Clients

Our Clients

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