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Meet PTS Singapore

Located in the dynamic city state of Singapore, we can also deliver our services from several locations covering Asia including Australia and India. PTS Consulting (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. have been helping companies of all sizes from different sectors improve their spaces, implement new technology and unleash the potential of their people since 2004.

Mission Values

Our Mission

At PTS, we use our passion for technology and people to enable others to reach their potential. By continuously evolving, solving problems, and seeking to elevate our staff and our clients, we strive to enable you to do more. Our mission helps you to achieve your vision.

Our Brand

Our Values

Focus and Balance

We recognise that our world-class people are our greatest asset. We are committed to our goals and mission, whilst recognising the importance of a work/life balance and wellbeing.

Drive Connection

Communication drives connection between colleagues, clients and new ideas. We strive to always drive connection for ourselves and our clients to facilitate growth.

Seek to Elevate

We conduct ourselves with integrity. We have strong morals and are true to our word. In respecting and trusting ourselves and others, we engender an environment which elevates people and ideas to continually raise standards.


Embrace Curiosity

We work across multiple disciplines, sectors and demographics; therefore, it is important for us to be open to new ideas. In embracing our curiosity and exploring new ideas, we open the door to greater innovation.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

We are committed to the highest possible standards in relation to business ethics and ESG. Our commitments include but are not limited to workplace equality, diversity & fairness and net-zero.

A message from our MD

As work and education practices become blurred between office and home environments, the value a good AV and acoustic experience supported by  robust and resilient technology is more important than ever. 

And as we navigate through this difficult time the whole world is facing, we at PTS Singapore intend to keep our commitment in delivering the high quality of services we have promised and provided to our clients for the past 20 years. 

Happy holidays 2.png

Indeed, we are truly grateful for our returning clients’ trust and equally value the same from those seeking our services for their company, institution or residence.

Rest assured that we will always give our clients the indelible PTS advantage they have come to know and deserve — bringing tangible benefits through carefully designed solutions that last. 

— Tom Miu | Managing Director

Our Message

Our Story

PTS Singapore started life in 2004 as a subsidiary of our parent office in London. However, we are now an independent member of that original family and proud to be a local Singaporean company.


PTS has evolved with changing technologies and survived global crises in the last 20 years. The source of our strength and resilience? Our standing commitment to giving our clients world-class solutions that meet their needs and aspirations.


Today, we serve clients not just in Singapore, but all over the ASEAN region with the help of our partner offices. And while we work with some of the biggest companies in the world, we assist organisations of all sizes and sectors by introducing and improving ways on how their people can interact with technology better, safer, smarter.


Our team understands the various technologies, people and the cultures in our markets. That’s why we continue to attract great talent and why over 85% of our projects are repeat business from existing clients. We are PTS Singapore.

Our Clients

Our Clients

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