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Acoustic Solutions

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Get sound advice

Poor acoustics can contribute to physical discomfort, reduced productivity and leave an unfavourable impression on staff and clients through inaudible in-person or conference call conversations.

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Acoustic Consultation

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Let our experts hear your concerns and address your space's acoustic issues effectively.

Acoustic Design

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​Not all spaces are treated equally. Get design solutions tailored to your space's unique needs.

Acoustic Testing


We conduct certified tests designed to measure different factors that affect a space's acoustics.


Our qualified consultants will identify your needs and determine the right mix of noise control, sound absorption and sound isolation solutions to end your acoustic issues.

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Audio and video conferencing has never been so important. A good acoustic design will make all the difference to staff and clients.

We design solutions based on factors such as the build, dimensions, location and present solutions that work to meet your goals and your budget.

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To effectively diagnose acoustic problems and design solutions, we conduct standardised tests approved by certifying bodies, such as ISO and ASTM.


These tests are designed to measure different acoustic factors, such as sound transmission class (STC), reverberation time (RT) and noise reduction coefficient (NRC).



• We can come in at any stage of the project to identify problem areas and advise due solutions.

• As an independent consultancy, we give our clients recommendations free from bias, saving them much on project costs alone.

• Our pragmatic approach ensures that we’ll only advise solutions that you need and fit your budget. 

Case Studies

Achieving Privacy and Transparency in a Multi-use Room

When a room’s transparent glass walls make teleconferencing difficult but work well for when the space serves as a workstation for guests, what’s an office to do?


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