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Social Media Giant Taps PTS for Their Workplace Expansion Projects in Asia

A social media giant taps PTS Singapore to complete its workplace expansion projects in the APAC region and India.

Location: Countries in APAC and India

Sector: Media


The Summary


In Singapore, the social media company extended its office to a new floor thanks to the company’s growth over the past few years.

Since the company also wanted to refurbish its office on its existing levels, the additional floor will serve as a swing space for its employees. Once the refurbishment is finished, the new floor will serve the reception and client-facing areas of their office.

Among the spaces in the company’s mind included:

  • Arrival area

  • Café/Barista/Bar

  • Engagement zone

  • Small, medium, large meeting rooms

  • Phone booths

  • Neighbourhood and team zones comprising work positions for approx. 100-120 workstations

The Challenge


Being the social media giant that they are, the client has many global technology standards in place to keep its high quality of services.

However, they needed an independent local consultant that could:

  • Translate these global standards to work in the local market

  • Represent the client in the project from a tech perspective

  • Procure the right kit at the right price

  • Oversee the implementation to ensure that the schedule, budget, quality and design intents are kept, as well as

  • Coordinate the design with the other trades in the project (ID MEP and contractors)

And these were the points where PTS Singapore took in to help the global technology company.

The Solution


Besides being able to tick each item from the list of challenges that the company faced, PTS understood that the envisioned new working environment needed, and thus produced, a robust physical infrastructure to support the technology innovations and proactive systems to come.

To help encourage communication and collaboration amongst the client’s employees and visitors, PTS designed and installed video walls and digital signages. The improvements not only livened up the office ambience but added spaces for added interaction and inspiration.

Coordinating well with the client and keeping them duly informed about the project’s designs and execution, PTS brought its vast experience and AV and IT infrastructure to complete the project in time.

The global social media brand later on employed PTS Singapore for similar projects in the company’s other regional offices in APAC and India.

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