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Devising the Tech Fit-out for a Prominent Real Estate Group's New Office with MICE space

One of Asia's largest real estate companies tasked PTS for the AV and IT needs of its new office in Singapore complete with a small-scale Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) space.

Location: Singapore

Sector: Real Estate


The Challenge


The major Asian real estate company had multiple offices from different locations. In their aim to bring together their employees to an open office setup that supports teamwork and collaboration — and take advantage of the efficiency and security (amongst others) that a modern workplace brings — they commissioned PTS in July of 2019.

Among the installations included in the project were:

  • An Activity-Based Working (ABW) environment

  • A gymnasium, auditorium and café

  • A boardroom, training rooms and meeting rooms

  • Workstations and collaboration spaces based on the ABW environment

  • A video-wall and digital signage

  • Video conference rooms

  • A MICE space that the company can use and rent out to their fellow building tenants

The scope of work entailed PTS' full workplace technology services to design new experiences underpinned by technology to deliver a secure, future-ready office that provides seamless experiences from operating daily-use devices with ease to conducting client presentations.

The Solution


With years of design experience and pedigree, PTS devised a strategy for the fit-out of the new office space, which resulted to employing the following solutions:

  • WiFi access points based on Cisco Meraki, a cloud-managed system that provides faster connections, greater user capacity and more coverage. The ceilings were installed with low-energy Bluetooth devices to facilitate tracking occupancy and office-based utilisation

  • PTS designed a scalable grid-based cabling system making it possible for IoT sensors to function smoothly as well as cater for future data requirements

  • PTS specified docking stations that support USB-C connectivity; meaning, power, video and data are channeled via one cable

  • PTS worked with the client to identify physical access points and installed security systems to help prevent unauthorised entry in the company's premises and use of their facilities.

Since the MICE space is connected to the client's office, the PTS acoustics team coordinated with the interior designer and the client to apply effective solutions that meet the client's budget.

This helped ensure that the client's employees can still comfortably work even if there is an event in the MICE room.

The Benefits


Apart from the new workplace design fostering open communication amongst the client's employees, PTS also aligned with the client's goal of a seamless work environment where their employees can now enjoy the following:

Easy wireless displays. Employees can conveniently connect to AV displays by using their devices' native capabilities for wireless presentations.

Easy and secure printing. Using the same badge for their entry access, employees can print from any printer in the office with just a tap of their badge.

Streaming and recording capabilities. Conference and meeting rooms are equipped with streaming and recording capabilities, making presentations and meetings accessible online and on-demand.

Clutter-free workstations. To help establish a safe working environment, PTS designed workstations to have no unsightly cables by strategically placing them in hidden but easily accessible locations.

Resource booking. Be it a meeting room, boardroom or conference room, employees can easily see available rooms and reserve them for any function they need.

For the MICE room, both employees and rentees of the space can benefit from the plug-and-play and bring-your-own device benefits of the room.

Should the client also decide to install other technologies and systems in the future that will help make their work more efficient and their office secure, PTS have already laid the groundwork to make those possible through our flexible and scalable infrastructure designs.

The project was completed in November of 2019, and the real estate company also commissioned PTS for a refit of its other office in Singapore.



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