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Data Centre Services


Whether you are new or experienced regarding data centres, we can help you develop, refine, or review your data centre strategy to achieve your business goals.

We help by minimising, if not removing, the risks of making the wrong choices regarding your data centre to provide you a truly effective data centre strategy.

Strategy - Data Centre - PTS Singapore.j

Service list

  • Current state assessment

  • Cost benchmarking

  • Total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • Location strategy

  • Technology strategy 

  • Consolidation strategy

  • Business care development

  • Target operating model (TOM)

  • Governance structures

  • Market and trend analysis

  • Connectivity optimisation

  • Disaster recovery strategy

  • Cyber security strategy

  • Physical security strategy

  • Environmental risk analysis

  • Technology demand curve definition

  • Environmental risk analysis

  • Technology demand curve definition

  • Public, hybrid and private cloud strategy

  • Data regulatory, privacy and sovereignty assessments

  • Data centre information management (DCIM) strategy



As an independent vendor and neutral consultant, we help you procure the right services at the best value for your requirements.

Our extensive experience also allows us to give you the right advice on the complete procurement lifecycle.

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Service list

  • Supplier capability review

  • Request for proposal (RFP) development

  • Request for proposal management

  • Vendor response analysis

  • Vendor response scoring

  • Vendor recommendation

  • Technical contract negotiation

  • Procurement management

    • Cabling/fibre

    • Patching

    • Cloud

    • Racks

    • Server

    • Storage

    • Network

    • Resiliency

  • Procurement Management

    • Cyber security

    • Physical security

    • Data centre information management (DCIM)



Whether you need a small, shared space or a hyperscale infrastructure, we design data centres that are built to last and adapt to your needs.

From cabling to cyber security to disaster recovery, we ensure our designs are robust and secure.

Data Centre - PTS.jpg

Service list

  • Modular design

  • Cabling/fibre

  • Cloud

  • Patching

  • Racks

  • Server

  • Storage

  • Network

  • Cyber security

  • Physical security

  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) requirements definition

  • Disaster recovery/failover

  • Carrier connectivity

  • Data centre information management (DCIM)



Upgrading your data centre can reduce operating expenditure; but if managed wrongly, it will cost much more. Our expert advice can help you avoid the risks and maximise your savings.

Our services enable you to manage your data centre better, be more efficient, better informed and have better control.

Data Centre - PTS laptop.jpg

Service list

  • Information technology infrastructure library (ITIL)

  • Smart hands

  • Managed technology services

  • Network monitoring

  • Capability management

  • Change management

  • Target operating model (TOM) deployment

  • Operational process development & documentation

  • Data centre information management (DCIM)



We have developed a risk-based approach that covers all phases of a migration programme from the simple to the highly complex.

Our management and careful support of every step has led to an unmatched track record in successful data centre migrations.

Cloud services - PTS Singapore.jpg

Service list

  • Run book development

  • Migration event definition

  • Reporting

  • Risk management

  • Secure asset disposal

  • Decommissioning

  • Project management office (PMO)

  • Roll-back strategy development

  • Migration strategy development

  • Application dependency mapping

  • Migration control centre management

  • Client and vendor resource management

  • Subject matter expert technical services




Make sure you choose the right location for your data centre. Our standardised tools evaluate operational components and underlying infrastructure to ensure that your investment is in the right place.

PTS also has its very own data centre accreditation tool to help you choose the right data centre, avoid any compliance issues, and deliver target levels of availability and resilience.

Data Centre - Site Selection from PTS Si

Service list

  • Single point of failure analysis

  • Environmental assessment

  • Threat, vulnerability and risk (TVRA) assessment

  • Technical contract negotiation

  • STARS* accreditation

  • Redundancy, availability and scalability assessment

  • Technical requirements validation

  • Technical due diligence

    • Information technology

    • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing 

  • Technical due diligence

    • Operations

    • Security

    • Cloud providers

    • Carrier and connectivity

*Proprietary global data centre accreditation tool




Benefit from our decades' worth of expert advice on virtually all aspects of data centre project management.

Our comprehensive list of technical advice includes everything from value engineering to budget preparation to integrated systems testing.

IT Managed Services - PTS Singapore.jpg

Service list

  • Requirements validation

  • Budget preparation

  • Budget management

  • Value engineering

  • Schedule preparation

  • Schedule management

  • Risk management

  • Client reporting

  • Quality assurance

  • Dilapidations management

  • Commisioning and integrated systems testing (IST) management

  • Vendor/supplier management




As the usage of your data centre increases, the need to optimise and improve its energy efficiency becomes more essential both from a financial and environmental perspective.

To achieve better efficiency we constantly monitor, record and analyse operational aspects of the data centre infrastructure and use the information to further improve your operations.

Circuit Board Network Connectivity.jpg

Service list

  • Energy efficiency/power usage efficiency (PUE)

  • Risk management

  • Financial planning

  • Operational audit

  • Security audit

  • Operating expense (OPEX) review

  • Service level agreement (SLA) review

  • Contract reviews

  • Operating process and

  • Data centre information
    management (DCIM) audit


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