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PTS Big Picture: A New Service to Ease the Management of your Space

Big Picture is PTS latest service that beautifully complements our Workplace and Data Centre expertise – allowing anyone around the globe to view your real estate properties in amazing resolution on any device, and specific asset information through asset tagging, augmented by PTS Workplace Technology teams to maximise the value out of your solutions.

Big Pic Dollhouse.PNG
Big Pic Recep.PNG

PTS will create a "dollhouse" model of your space accessible anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own device, and asset tag any addressable system or asset you choose. The pink and blue circles in the screenshot link to various systems, from meeting room booking systems, space sensors, asset information, consumables ordering pages, the possibilities are endless. The yellow bubble even shows cleaning instructions for facilities management during pandemic times.

Big Picture is a visual, intuitive and engaging service, accessible yet secure, within which to tag information translating to man-hours saved looking for information in emails, electronic files and directories, physical filing cabinets or compactuses.

This tool can be a one-stop, visual, always available, always accessible Operations and Maintenance Manual for FM, IT, CRE and even HR departments, all with the additional and unique expertise of PTS Workplace Technology Consultancy to fully realise the endless possibilities of this solution.

Contact us for a free demonstration today!

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