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Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) AV Design

In today's fast-paced business world, seamless communication and collaboration are paramount for success.

Achieving this requires top-notch audiovisual (AV) design, especially when implementing unified communications and collaboration systems (UCC) like Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms (TMR) or Zoom Meeting Rooms.

Our UCC AV design service is your key to creating efficient, high-quality meeting spaces that empower your teams to collaborate effectively and engage with remote participants effortlessly.

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Service list

  • Needs Assessment:
    We begin by understanding your organisation's specific communication and collaboration requirements and work closely with your team to identify the objectives and key functionalities needed in your meeting spaces.


  • Customised Solution:
    Based on the assessment, we will develop a tailored AV design strategy that aligns with your unique needs, budget, and goals.

    Our designs take into account factors like:

    * Room size and setup
    * Use cases and scenarios
      (Hybrid/in-person users)
    * Technology requirements
    * AV peripherals and displays
    * Acoustics
    * Lighting

  • Vendor / Hardware Recommendation?:
    We help you choose the right AV equipment and technology solutions, including microphones, cameras, displays, speakers, and control systems.

    To ensure the system can adapt to your needs, our recommendation considers factors like:
    * Compatibility
    * Features & Functionality
    (e.g. Wireless plug and play, easy content sharing)
    * Quality
    * User Experience
    * Flexibility
    * Scalability


  • Integration:
    We will work System Integrators to integrate the selected hardware and software, to ensure all components work together flawlessly.

    This includes the following:
    * Room control systems 
    * User interface design
    * Network connectivity
    * Device management

    * Audio quality optimisation
    * Video quality enhancement
    * User Experience

  • Ongoing Support
    Training will be provided to your staff, and post-implementation support and maintenance can be included to ensure your AV systems continue to perform at their best.


AV Quality Optimisation and Enhancement.

  • Easily plug and play into streamlined systems with easy-to-use interfaces that minimises meeting setup time.

Save Time and Cost​​

  • Plug and play into streamlined systems with easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces for room control and conferencing systems that makes it easy for anyone to initiate or join meetings, with minimal meeting setup time. 

Enhanced Collaboration​​

  • Promote effective collaboration, boost productivity and creativity during meetings. 

Seamless Communication 

  • With high-quality audio and video, remote participants feel fully engaged, as if they were in the room.

Cost Efficiency

  • We design scalable solutions that save you money by reducing the need for constant upgrades

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