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Technology Innovation

Technology innovation is at the core of what we do. From Data Networks and Unified Communications to Physical and Cloud Infrastructure, we help organisations to adopt innovative solutions to support their business objectives, ensuring that the underlying infrastructure supports their unique technology requirements now and in the future. By articulating our clients’ requirements and designing agile, enterprise solutions, we help IT departments to keep up with the increasing demands and expectations of increasingly mobile staff and enhance and optimise the overall user experience. 

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AV & Multimedia

With a reputation for designing and delivering market leading AV and Multimedia solutions, we act on behalf of our clients to ensure that AV investments deliver value back to the business. We identify how technology can enhance your workplace and propose bespoke solutions that perfectly match your unique environment and user requirements.   

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Our consultants deliver physical and electronic security services to overcome the challenges faced when keeping the business safe. We work closely with our clients to identify all potential risks and threats to the business. Our solutions cover the whole security lifecycle, from strategy through to due diligence, design, implementation and ongoing support. Our understanding of the convergence of IT, AV and Physical Security provides our security team with a unique capability to provide our clients with fully comprehensive, advanced security solutions. 


Physical Infrastructure


We liaise with the professional teams to put in place a standards-based cabling solution that meets our client's requirements and integrates with the overall programme to avoid delays. With expertise in converged IT infrastructure and an understanding of building operations having grown from the construction industry, we design innovative, complex cabling and network solutions to provide a robust platform on which to build a resilient IT infrastructure.

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A high performance network is fundamental to the operation of all organisations and this applies to both the wired and wireless aspects of a network.  Our SMEs have worked with many clients to help them define a network strategy and support the conversion of this to reality through design, specification and implementation. Taking into consideration such requirements as high-density Wi-Fi environments and support for software-defined networking (SDN).

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Unified Communications

As one of the cornerstones of our business, we are actively involved in the design, specification, procurement and implementation of Unified Communications (UC) projects.  Our extensive experience encompasses understanding and determining business requirements, such as enabling agile working, and then aligning this with core UC functionality.  Increasingly UC includes Collaboration technologies (UC&C) and this is where our experts incorporate AV requirements to facilitate the best user experience.  A core element of UC is voice (telephony) services and over recent years we have been involved with more than 500,000 IP end-points, either phones or IP enabled dealer voice system turrets.


Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise systems including storage, desktop, print and applications significantly affect the day-to-day user experience and have an impact on the overall design of the central equipment rooms, therefore requiring careful consideration. 

With users spending the majority of their working day at their desks, getting the desktop strategy right is essential. With many things to consider, we work closely with you and your business stakeholders to find the right solution with the end-user in mind. 

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Smart Building

Consulting on Smart Building projects for our clients brings together all of our core skills and understanding of how a building can respond and service the needs of the people who work within it. Our experience in understanding complex business challenges and delivering simple to use solutions, allows us to develop and evolve how the relationship between the building and the people within it can be optimised, providing a better daily working experience and tangible benefits to the business.  Our guiding principle is that the working environment is an ecosystem and our consulting process allows us to work with our clients to understand the structure and component parts of their ecosystems, as each one is unique, once we understand the complexity of this ecosystem we can then translate this into a simple and easy user experience.

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