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Fixing the Sound Insulation of Two Adjacent Rooms Allowing Simultaneous Use

A company seeks the help of PTS Singapore so they can conveniently conduct meetings in two adjacent rooms simultaneously.

Location: Singapore




A company in Singapore sought PTS' help after their employees complained of not being able to conduct meetings and teleconferences simultaneously in two adjacent rooms in their office.

The employees reported that they could hear the discussions coming from the other room and couldn't focus on their meeting.

When the PTS acoustics team inspected the area, they found that the cables of the displays in both meeting rooms were back-to-back and improperly terminated.

Cables of wall-mounted displays that were improperly terminated

The Solution


The improperly terminated cables weakened the sound insulation between the rooms and led to “noise spills”. This was why the users of both meeting rooms were unable to communicate well during discussions or teleconferencing.

Socket boxes were installed to give the wall-mounted display cables proper termination.

The solution was to re-terminate the cables using proper socket boxes and apply an air-tight mastic sealant. It improved the sound environment in both rooms and reduced the sound waves escaping through the holes where the cables went through.

Now, the employees can conveniently conduct meetings and teleconferencing sessions simultaneously.



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