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Real Estate Leader and PTS Create a Modern Workplace That Supports Employee Growth and Engagement

The Singapore headquarters of a global real estate and investment firm sought PTS' expertise in creating a modern workplace that provides a seamless technology experience and supports employee growth and engagement.

Location: Singapore

Sector: Real Estate


The Summary


The Singapore office of a global real estate and investment firm sought the help of PTS in creating a modern workspace for its Singapore headquarters in 2019.

It wanted the said office to serve as a:

  • Place where people naturally want to come together and engage in cross-functional team work

  • Tool that will help them develop new services of insight around the physical workplace: wellness, workplace behaviours, technologies, operational platform

  • Living demonstration of solutions that the company delivers: physical, operational and transformational

  • A space that imprints a wow-factor to its clients and guests alike

With PTS' vast expertise and experience in technology design, the PTS team delivered their market-leading technology solutions that comprised IT structured network cabling and server room design, as well as in audio visuals and acoustics.

The Challenge


At the time, the primary site was oversubscribed beyond capacity, leading to space occupancy and experience issues. There was also an ad hoc arrangement of teams and disparate standards of space and utilization across all facilities.

The client wanted to implement and elevate its workplace 360 to the next level at an affordable price point, and successfully create an office that meets all the fundamental needs of employees.

It also wanted to provide its occupants and visitors technology that works and is simple to use. More importantly, integrate its office with updated technology to better support mobility and efficient workflows.

The Solution


Working closely with the client, the PTS Team ensured that:

  • The planning of collaboration areas was done in a space-efficient manner to have a minimum impact on the occupancy load

  • All work settings per their primary and secondary intents and purposes to ensure maximum flexibility have been planned

PTS created touchdown areas called "team totems" that are immediately adjacent to team support staff, designated for use by a particular team or two.

The team totems had ergonomic desk settings that also allowed teams to express their identity and personality with display surfaces for awards, artifacts and even a place where employees could share 'munchies'.

Sensors were also installed in each work setting to constantly monitor utilisation and aid in occupancy planning and people analytics.

For AV and acoustics, PTS installed a multi-screen setup that uses technology to let

clients swoop through property options and 'take our them anywhere in the world' with their fingertips. This setup also has the ability to showcase the client's internal tools and software.

The Benefits


The smart building installations supported the company's thrust of its Singapore headquarters being the preferred place to work and as a space that supports employee engagement and growth.

The new AV installations also accentuated the company's efforts in infusing art into their office's design by serving as an additional ‘wow-factor’ for the site's guests and clients.



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