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Aon's Smart New Office in the Iconic Leadenhall Building

PTS provided Aon with IT and AV/multimedia consulting for their new office, located in the iconic Leadenhall Building.

Location: London




Programme of in-depth and interactive workshops for a cross section of the



• Programme of in-depth and interactive workshops for a cross section of the organisation

• Greater understanding of the available technology options to enable transformation

• Development of a Strategic Technology Brief and overall technology strategy

• Range of new technologically-enhanced spaces including: reconfigurable project/war rooms; open, collaborative spaces; stakeholder rooms without tables to encourage improved interaction; no-bookable ‘meeting rooms’; and quiet rooms for focused activity



With PTS on board, the Client was able to gain an understanding of how technology could help drive efficiencies and meet the overall objectives it was looking to meet when creating a new working environment. Liaising closely with the project team, PTS ensured that new IT and AV solutions were successfully implemented to prevent delays to the project, ensuring the project could be delivered on time and to budget.

“This strategy was successfully implemented with PTS providing the workstream consultancy and the overall programme management for IT and AV. PTS worked closely with the Client and the Professional Team to integrate technology into a range of new spaces.”


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