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International School in Singapore Seeks PTS' Expertise for Its New Campus' Technology Needs

An international school in Singapore employs PTS’ services to supply the complex technology needs of its new campus that welcomed more than 1,200 students on day one.

Location: Singapore

Sector: Education


The Summary


The international school needed PTS’ services to support its learners with a 21st-century form of learning with teaching tools that were accessible to the academic community 24/7.

The new campus, which had 12 floors of educational space, 130 classrooms, nine laboratories, catered to:

  • 1,200 to 1,400 learners on day one. The number eventually expanded to about 2,000

  • A diverse mix of learner nationalities. At the time, the school had learners from over 50 nationalities with British, American and Chinese learners forming the major part of the population

  • A staff force between 250 to 300; over 200 of which are academic staff

The Challenge


The school had never completed a new campus build project before. Its old campus catered to less than a thousand students, while its new one had to welcome hundreds more.

The school needed to ensure that their staff and students’ day-to-day learning activities and safety are well-supported by fool-proof and easy-to-use technology solutions.

The Solution


Apart from installing AV technology solutions to support the students' learning, all areas were equipped with HVAC systems to control and monitor temperature and humidity, and even detect and suppress fires. Other security measures included:

  • Secure automated door and room access

  • Emergency lighting and controls

  • CCTVs

  • PA system

With their multi-discipline experience, PTS offered advice to support the client throughout the entire project programme. Among the key services we provided included:

  • Design of the building’s IT & BMS system topologies

  • Account for flexible current and future needs including sizing and scalability

  • IoT device classification and qualification

  • Undertaking review of standards and policies and suggesting improvements

  • Engaging with and managing stakeholder groups across all disciplines including architecture, FM/BMS, educational, IT, AV, security, MEP, structural and interior design

  • Supporting the physical and logical deployment, working with installation vendors and stakeholders.

  • Commissioning and integration across all systems

  • Performing system acceptance testing, witness testing, QA/QC checks prior to handover to the client

  • Monitoring deliverables against milestones and reporting to stakeholder groups, ensuring adherence to schedule, cost and quality

PTS also coordinated with the project team comprising the ID, MEP, builder and contractors that helped in providing the client with a more hassle-free experience throughout the entire design and construction process.



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