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Deloitte's London HQ Becomes the City's First WELL-Rated Office

With a focus on user-wellbeing, the new building is London’s first WELL-rated office, helping Deloitte attract new talent with a space that encourages creativity and collaboration.

Location: London




• Smart environment where technology flows seamlessly within and between the wider campus

• The cutting-edge ‘Greenhouse’ uses technology to disrupt conventional thinking and spur creativity, to drive new perspectives and help clients succeed in transforming their businesses for future success

• Largest building in the world to achieve WELL Certified Gold

• First building to achieve WELL Certification and BREEAM dual-certification

• Fully automated building with integration between all technology and the Central Building Management System



Pervasive Wi-Fi and technology-enriched spaces allow users the freedom and choice to work how and where they want. From quiet zones to meeting spaces, users can connect with familiar and easy to use technology, bringing the focus back to human collaboration.

Of the spaces on offer, the most impressive is the Greenhouse. With soundscapes and stunning visuals across digital signage, the Greenhouse uses cutting-edge technology to take users on a journey, spark innovation and disrupt conventional thinking.

The focus on staff wellbeing earned Deloitte London’s first WELL rating. It’s also highly efficient. Smart technology, automation and sensors connected to a robust network all contribute to Deloitte’s sustainability efforts and a BREAM rating of 95%. The complex vision required close collaboration between the technology teams and architects to ensure decisions matched Deloitte’s eco-friendly targets.

Achieving this complex vision required close collaboration between PTS, the Client and the architects to find the optimum balance between functionality, wellbeing, technology innovation and design. In 2019, the British Council for Offices recognised the project’s success, awarding Deloitte with the National Award for Workplace Fit-Out project of the year.

“The optimum balance between functionality, wellbeing, technology innovation and design”



BCO National Award – Workplace Fit-Out project of the year



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