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PTS Aids AIA Insurance With Its Data Centre Modernisation Programme

A large pan-Asian insurance organisation, AIA engaged PTS to develop the framework for a Target Operating Model (TOM). The TOM was required in transforming the organisation's operations and in supporting its data centre modernisation programme.

Location: Hong Kong




• The Client received a number of deliverables including the governance frameworks, a new organisation chart, a detailed account of common capabilities, and a framework to develop and confirm appropriate service levels and KPIs

• Deep insight into the current modus operandi and understanding of key challenges facing IT in the future

• The Client could prepare for the changes ahead while minimising the risks involved

• IT service operating at optimum levels

• Increase confidence in the IT team

• Minimised risks of high-impact incidents

• Improved efficiency levels throughout the organisation



PTS reviewed the strategic roadmap, and TOM design principles were agreed to ensure alignment of the TOM with the Client’s values, culture and objective. PTS worked closely with the Client to agree on the breakdown of core capabilities between the in-house IT department, new services and preferred suppliers.

Once approved, the project team developed a view of the top tier management teams and functions and boundaries for the new services, identifying how to manage inter-dependencies. From the outline structure, PTS agreed on the teams, governance roles, related skills and competencies for each new role, providing a baseline required for the governance, strategy, change and operations under the TOM.

“PTS’ comprehensive approach has enabled us to understand and prepare for the changes ahead while minimising the risks involved, meaning that the organisation will soon benefit from an IT Service operating at optimum levels. This will in turn increase confidence in the IT team and minimise the risks of high-impact incidents, dramatically improving efficiency levels throughout the organisation.”


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