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Improving Interconnectivity Between Sites of a Global Social Media Organisation

PTS designs and scopes the facilities of a social media giant to help process and store the status updates, photos, and videos shared by its millions of users around the globe.

Location: Global




Providing technical design authority for connectivity, including interconnectivity between sites for a global social media organisation. PTS designs and scopes its facilities to help process and store the status updates, photos, and videos that are shared by users.



• Technical Design Authority for connectivity

• Interconnections between each building on multi-facility campuses

• Drafting the BoDs (Basis of Designs) for the Data Centre building versions

• Multi-story Data Centre design in Singapore

• Localisation of global building standards regarding cabling; fire regulations on the materials



We are currently working with a global Social Media Organisation, providing Technical Design Authority for connectivity. We take the responsibility for the OSP (Outside Plant) Pathways (containment) from the carrier MMVs (Meet Me Vaults) providing the diverse routing across the site to each Data Centre building and also the interconnections between each building on multi-facility campuses. We ensure that there are no “collapsed paths” or single points avoiding the communication paths crossing. We also design the ISP (Inside Plant) containment for each Data Centre and for each data hall within. Once the Pathways are completed we conduct the Cabling design routing of the cables across the site (again called OSP) and then within each Building (ISP).

PTS also provides the Construction Admin function, with a Design Consultant attending site on a regular basis, to inspect and provide site reports that the construction of the site is conforming to the Connectivity specifications and requirements. PTS also takes the lead in responding to any field-related issues or items such as RFIs, Tech Subs, BIM Collabs, CCDs.



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